World of Warcraft celebrates the Diablo franchise with the Greedy Emissary event


Fans of the Diablo series are likely familiar with the Treasure Goblin that can pop up while delving the maps of the ARPG, but now that same goblin has found its way into World of Warcraft with the launch of the Greedy Emissary event that offers up that classic goblin-chasing gameplay for unique new rewards.

From now until June 14th, players can encounter the Treasure Goblin across the game’s main capital cities and Dragonflight zones. Players who take down the little fiend will be rewarded with a host of goodies styled after the world of Sanctuary, including various cosmetics, a new mount, a demonic goat pet (named Baa’lial), and a 36-slot bag, among other things.

Speaking of events (that totally aren’t a smokescreen against other matters), Wrath Classic is also holding an event of its own, as it brings back the Joyous Journeys XP buff that awards 50% more experience for everyone between now and June 19th. As before, players simply have to visit any innkeeper to turn the buff on or off.

source: official site (1, 2)
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