Valheim offers another round of update sneak peeks as it tests a performance improvement patch

Buzzards confirmed


They’re often vague and sometimes meager: They’re the development blog posts of Valheim, and we’ve got a fresh one from the game’s website that grants another few peeks at some of the Viking survivalbox’s incoming updates.

The post first opens with the promise of work on fixing Xbox version issues and the ongoing public testing of a performance improving patch that’s intended to shore up various technical problems related to world file sizes, networking, memory, and save file stability. A launch date for this patch is still not tied down, but Iron Gate does note that if testing goes awry, rollout of the patch will be delayed to get the Hildir’s Quest update out the door.

Speaking of Hildir’s Quest, the post confirms that update name is a working title and is subject to change before closing out with a preview image of a new campfire item. The blog then moves on to share more previews from its developing Ashlands update, which hints at some form of altar-based ritual and confirms the existence of a hell buzzard enemy. The Ashlands update has been in development since January of this year, so it’s probably still going to be some time before a launch date for the new biome is shared. But hey, buzzards confirmed.

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