Craftopia confirms a June launch window for its large-scale seamless world update

Breath of the Whatever

The weird and wide-open survival RPG Craftopia is about to get more wide-open than before, as the seamless world update that developer Pocket Pair has been working on since September 2021 has finally gotten a release window of sometime in June.

Just in case you haven’t been following the months and months and months of updates and coverage, the seamless world update will (obviously) change the game’s world map from individual instances to an open landscape of multiple biomes. The survivalbox will also see multiple updates to game features, with new POIs, improved enemy AI, and refined combat.

Of course, many of the existing features that make Craftopia stand out like various crafting automation features and dropping live cows into a giant soup pot are still going to be on hand. Check out the trailer and the gallery below for a look at just what’s on the wide, wide horizon.

source: press release
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