Craftopia promises its seamless world is coming soon while sharing updates to map size, loadouts, and weapon refinement


The strange survival sandbox Craftopia has spent the better part of a year and a half working on its seamless world update, which is making the title an open world game full of multiple biomes instead of instanced ones while adding a host of new updates.

We’ve been chronicling many of the steps developer Pocketpair has taken over the course of its development, so naturally that means it’s time to once more check in on how things are going, and by the studio’s own account, this update is nearing the finish line, with the latest dev update sharing a new picture of the map that grants a clearer idea of the scale of this upcoming open world; one of these images highlights how small the player character is in comparison to the map, while most of the world is blurred out, presumably to stop spoilers.

The update post also grants a look at a new loadouts feature that will let players swap between gear and skill setups, as well as an update to weapon refinement that replaces the need for similar weapon types with a new refinement stone material that can be gained from breaking down unwanted items.

Even with all of these updates, Pocketpair is still extremely cagey about a release date for its seamless world update, but the current post closes with a promise that its launch is “very close.” The post also promises to share more information about a data transfer feature soon. Presumably, this new wide-open world won’t be long in coming.

source: Steam
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