Pantheon Rise of the Fallen starts setting the table for 24/7 pre-alpha testing

In memoriam.

For those who have bought in to the dream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen hard enough to get into pre-alpha tests, those testing rounds have mostly been 24-hour-long affairs that happen once a month (save for any “ad hoc tests” the devs decide to spring up). That appears to be changing sometime this fall according to the latest producer’s letter, which offers some basic plans for opening testing 24/7.

This effort is planned to start in September, when the first candidate for consistent testing will be made available to pre-alpha pledges. Once initial hiccups are addressed, the build will be made available to pre-alpha testers at any time.

The letter also acknowledges that the game needs some replayable content to begin with, which means Visionary Realms is building a new play mode that will bring “a form of progression that is engaging enough to keep people playing while content is being built and added.” Details on this mode are promised later, but the letter notes it will center on accessing “existing content in smaller doses.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the post continues to discuss things added to Pantheon in July like the ever-important butternut tree, astonishing new grass, and studio-crafted rats and bats, among other things. As for pre-alpha testing for August, that’s scheduled for August 12th for its usual 24-hour run, but perhaps be ready for longer testing stints soon™.

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