The Daily Grind: Which MMO offered the best advances in crafting in 2023?


For today’s Daily Grind, I am not asking you which MMO has the best crafting of all time. That game is dead and lives on only in emulators. And there are plenty of MMOs with good crafting, but none of them should be sitting on their laurels and letting a year go by without an update to such an important system! So I want to hear about crafting-related updates and advances and innovations that happened this year specifically.

Let me refresh your memory a bit: Elder Scrolls Online added consolidated crafting stations. New World tweaked crafting in Rise of the Angry Earth. Zenith added active harvesting and new crafting features. The indie MMO Slay Together showed up outta nowhere with a crafting update. And then of course, there was the open beta release of Palia, which rests heavily on its crafting.

I’m a bit biased; LOTRO revamped its crafting and tried (and failed repeatedly) to add a whole crafting minigame this year.

Which MMO would you argue offered the best advances or updates in crafting in 2023?

At the turn of every calendar year, the MassivelyOP team assembles a traditional feast of annual content for your table. We recap the year, issue awards, highlight our favorite (and least favorite) stories, and gather your opinions together to send off the last year and welcome the new one. Grab a plate and take a bite out of this year-end Daily Grind!
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