Blade & Soul previews mechanical changes to NEO Classic’s Mushin Tower


NCsoft has been mostly focused on the visual updates coming with Blade & Soul’s NEO Classic server, but now the studio is offering a look at a mechanical change – namely adjustments to the solo-focused Mushin Tower instance.

Regular players may be happy to note that combat strategies used in the regular MMO will apply to NEO Classic’s version of the tower, yet the devs are trying to “[improve] the productive quality of Mushin’s Tower in NEO Classic without changing the combat patterns.” One way this is being achieved is by giving players a more detailed breakdown of skill levels and numbers that correspond to attack, defense, and response when they clear a floor. Finally, the first major boss that will await in NEO Classic’s tower will be Junghado.

All of this is being done in order to encourage players to test their skills in isolation so they can better see how effective or ineffective they are in combat, which (ideally) will translate to more confidence in party dungeons. Or maybe players simply just want to show off their min-maxing efforts. Either way, NEO Classic’s Mushin Tower should have everyone covered.

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