Blade & Soul talks up NEO Classic’s updates to arena PvP combat skills and rewards


Blade & Soul fans already know that the upcoming NEO Classic servers will feature faction PvP battles, but sometimes you just want to duke it out 1v1 in an arena. Luckily arena PvP is coming to NEO Classic too, and it will even have a few feature updates for those seeking an individual scrum.

The post mostly promises that NEO Classic is trying to recapture some old magic involved with arena PvP, but it also confirms that players will be able to freely combine equipment stats and skills to match up against their chosen opponent, which includes integrating newly added skills to familiar rotations.

There are plans for additional rewards in arena PvP as well, including unique cosmetics and titles that can be worn outside of the arena and even rewards for simply participating in arena brawls. Finally, NEO Classic will feature an improved mathcmaking system for the arena. Eager fighters can see a bit of what NEO Classic’s 1v1 fight pit looks like in the video below.

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