Astroneer is running a multi-stage Breakdown event running until April 7


Do you need something to pass the time in the adorable little survival sandbox of Astroneer? Then you’re in luck because the Breakdown event is going on right now; it’s a multi-stage affair that promises some fun rewards and “a triple dose of adventure.”

During the Breakdown event, players are invited to drill down into caves to uncover the mysteries below, fulfilling requirements presented in the EXO request platform and mending the anomalies within the system. The three stages themselves have unfolded every week since Monday, January 29th, with the last stage opening up on February 12th and the entire event staying online until April 7th.

Naturally there are goodies to gather as part of the event, which are unlocked by hitting a variety of points milestones. Rewards awaiting the intrepid spacesuited survivor include a new visor, a party hat, a dye palette, and a mystery reward, along with useful incremental rewards and randomized recurring rewards granted along the way like resources, emitters, and dynamite.

The most recent patch notes offer all of the details for players to dig in to for the event, as well as other updates like bug fixes and a free party hat to mark the game’s fifth anniversary in an understated yet colorful way.

source: Reddit
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