Blade & Soul NEO Classic showcases more Moonwater Plains visuals and vague faction battle updates


Previews for Blade & Soul’s upcoming NEO Classic server continue to tumble forth from NCsoft, as the devs behind the action MMO are once again showing off more visual updates and some vague information about the game’s two faction PvP.

The visual preview once more looks at the Moonwater Plains region, this time with a closer focus on the Greenhollow area, which got another splash of lighting and texture paint shortly after last week’s preview as well as improvements to the social hubs players gather in.

The post further suggests that there’s quite some time before NEO Classic crosses the finish line as a result of graphic upgrades. “Although we still have a long way to go to reach our goals, we hope you will stick by us and continue to share your thoughts and opinions,” the post reads.

Another preview post from NEO Classic offers some generally vague update details about faction PvP, simply noting that faction warfare and rewards will mostly be familiar, but also that players can “more freely and willingly rather than be forced to participate for content rewards” and that “structures have been changed to add more variety in combat, and new designs have been implemented that can alter certain aspects of combat based on different item settings.”

In the more immediate future, B&S confirms that its official Discord has entered a “soft launch” and that the MMORPG’s eighth anniversary will kick off on January 23rd as part of the Frostfire Foundry update.

source: official site (1, 2)
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