Fae Farm fixes pausing and multiplayer bugs, reduces decor material costs, and buffs moth value

This is a headline that makes sense only in life sim RPGs


Multiplayer cozy life RPG Fae Farm is set to launch another update this week, and once more this one is mostly about fixing bugs and adjusting features, which might be a letdown for those hoping for new content updates but could also be a boon to those who are hoping for a smoother experience.

One of the primary highlights of the patch is fixing how the game behaves when it’s paused: Using modes like deconstruction or decoration will now pause time, buff and debuff timers, and animal animations in single-player, while multiplayer games will see time stop if everyone’s in the pause menu or similar build modes. The multiplayer end-of-day screen is also getting adjusted to only move the next day forward if the host hits the confirmation button.

For those who are looking to make those sweet Florins, the patch nerfs the value of the queen bee from 50 to 40 but buffs the Maple Moth’s value from 30 to 60. In other in-game economy matters, the material costs for making most rugs and fences has been reduced to require only base materials except for some of the fancier items.

The rest of the patch otherwise crushes bugs, whether they’re ones that affect quest progression, activities in the Coasts of Croakia DLC, UI, saving and loading, and much more. It’s not a content-rich patch, but it does try to run over a lot of problems otherwise.

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