MMORPG turned ‘squad RPG’ Starborne Frontiers makes its global release on PC


Are you eager to experience a game that our Fight or Kite columnist Sam called “an autobattler with plentiful monetization schemes“? Then you’re primed and ready for Starborne: Frontiers, which has officially proliferated from mobile platforms to the PC.

For those who don’t recall, Starborne: Frontiers first started life as an MMORPG spinoff of Solid Clouds’ MMORTS Starborne Sovereign Space, but later the devs decided to shed their large-scale aspirations to turn it into a self-described “squad RPG” while scrubbing references to its original plans from its old PR on its website (not a great look). The game entered a mobile “soft launch” in 2023, but now PC players can come along for the ride after over a year-long wait.

Naturally that year didn’t see Solid Clouds completely idle, as the studio’s newest press release talks up how Starborne: Frontiers is now “a game that has been finely tuned in all aspects” thanks to updates that include holiday events and a non-linear Abyss game mode that lets players complete encounters on their own terms. The announcement also talks up plans for regular updates that promise to bring “exciting new features and ways to play.” So there you have it; this is a PC release at long last.

source: press release
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