Fight or Kite: Starborne Frontiers is an autobattler with plentiful monetization schemes

When Starborne: Frontiers was first announced back in June of 2021 (which, wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago), I was extremely...

Starborne Frontiers, downgraded from a persistent MMO, has soft-launched, but only on mobile

We were all pretty excited back in 2021 when Starborne Sovereign Space developer Solid Clouds announced a persistent MMORPG spinoff called Starborne Frontiers, bringing...

Starborne opens up two new servers for players to brawl in during December

Players of the MMORTS Starborne have had some reasons to brawl over the course of December, as the devs opened up not one but...

Solid Clouds’ upcoming Starborne Frontiers downgrades from MMORPG to ‘squad RPG’

Last summer, Starborne: Sovereign Space developer Solid Clouds announced plans for a new MMORPG in the Starborne universe called Starborne: Frontiers, promising in its...

Starborne dev announces new sci-fi MMORPG called Starborne Frontiers

MMO players know Starborne: Sovereign Space as a space MMORTS, but if you wanted something more MMORPG-like, then I have good news for you,...

MMORTS Starborne’s first beta dev blog enters the Dead Zone

Starborne may well be a rising star in the MMORTS genre, causing at least one of our number here at Massively OP to become...

Starborne previews a faster game mode during an open tournament this weekend

The multiplayer RTS Starborne seems to be about playing the long game, what with regular campaigns lasting a total of 10 weeks each. This...

Fight or Kite: Space MMORTS Starborne’s latest time-limited campaign draws to a close

I’ve had Starborne open nearly every waking minute over the last ten weeks – and even during many of the sleeping ones. It is...
It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria insists it’s totally still in development

So... about Chronicles of Elyria. Yes, it has laid off its entire staff and the studio founder announced that it was shuttering. But it...
space fight

Starborne celebrates its milestones after more than three weeks of beta

It's not quite been a full month since Starborne launched into open beta, but the developers are already happy to celebrate about how much...

Fight or Kite: Starborne is the MMORTS I didn’t know I was missing

For about 15 years, I’ve had an MMORTS shaped hole in my heart. I didn’t even realize it was there. I used to play...

Indie MMO Starborne accidentally exposes alpha tester contact info in email blast

If you participated in the alpha for indie MMORTS Starborne, you might wanna check your email: Multiple alpha participants are now reporting that they...
What the el. Yon. Elyon.

Betawatch: Ascent Infinite Realm rebranded to Elyon during beta

Rebranding is one of those things that always feels like a bigger deal than it might be but also easy to under-sell by accident....

Starborne talks up its new map and new win conditions ahead of open beta

With days until its open beta, Starborne is ramping up to let people know about its form of online MMORTS gameplay. The latest eager...
space fight

MMORTS Starborne announces an open beta on April 2

No April foolin', Starborne, the large-scale MMORTS that comes from several former EVE Online luminaries is making way for new territory with a confirmed...

EVE-inspired MMORTS Starborne celebrates its third alpha server launch

Have you ever heard of Starborne? It's a large-scale MMORTS where players seek to control territory in a massive map over individual eight week-long...