Starborne opens up two new servers for players to brawl in during December


Players of the MMORTS Starborne have had some reasons to brawl over the course of December, as the devs opened up not one but two whole servers with returning map layouts. If you’ve followed along with how this game does things, there’s not a whole lot different here.

The first half of the month opened up a Crosfire map layout, while the next server opened last week with the Equilibrium map format. Additional context for these new rounds were provided on Discord, with a cheeky wink at the holiday season in the first server’s blurb and notes about spread out resources and balanced spawn points for the second map. Hence, Equilibrium.

The game’s Discord, by the way, also happens to be the place where the devs are holding giveaways, with the latest one offering up 3,000 Credits. Overall, for those invested in either free stuff or server layout details, it would appear that Discord is where this information will now lie.

sources: Twitter, Discord
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