Starborne previews a faster game mode during an open tournament this weekend


The multiplayer RTS Starborne seems to be about playing the long game, what with regular campaigns lasting a total of 10 weeks each. This weekend, that looks to change with the release of Dead Zone, a much faster version of the regular game with only four hour rounds and a much smaller map of only 25 players. The mode also features additional tweaks to the game’s formula such as special hex claims granting unique empire wide bonuses, new cards and a card pool overhaul, and a new station planner with new buildings and organizations. The map will also feature radiation pool hazards that players must contain.

Dead Zone will officially be available for players to try out this coming Saturday, June 27th, in a tournament. Five consecutive servers will open up to determine the five best players, who will then face off the following Sunday for a chance to win the opportunity to shape Starborne’s lore. For those who don’t feel like entering a tournament or just want to watch Dead Zone mode play out, there will be a number of streamers broadcasting their view of the events.

For anyone who perhaps missed the boat on Starborne, it’s an MMORTS created by developer Solid Clouds, which comprises former developers of EVE Online. It entered open beta in April, and was found by our resident PvP’er to be the MMORTS he didn’t know he was missing.

source: press release
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