Starborne celebrates its milestones after more than three weeks of beta

space fight

It’s not quite been a full month since Starborne launched into open beta, but the developers are already happy to celebrate about how much players have put into the game. In that time, eight servers have gone live, and players have ultimately claimed some 1.3 million hexes of territory, with 99,000 outposts and 72,000 stations built across that claimed space. Over 7,000 alliances have formed as well, proving that not everyone is looking to get on the backstabbing on the fast track.

The team has even put together a little video just below, if you’d like to see the stats with some visuals from the game to back them up. And, of course, if you’d like to claim the next hex in the game, players are invited to sign up for the game’s open beta as soon as possible. It’s a big old chunk of space out there, and our own Sam was quite fond of his time with the game.

Source: Solid Clouds press release

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