EverQuest is adding two new time-locked progression servers, Aradune and Rizlona, launching May 27

Just the same thing but forever.

If you like to hop back to the olden days of EverQuest, to feel the game evolve from launch to very slightly after launch, you are obviously not alone. Look at how popular the game’s progression servers have been, after all. And soon you can take part in that once again with the launch of two new progression servers, Aradune and Rizlona, on May 27th. Both of these are restricted servers that intend to stop progressing at Planes of Power, so they’re going to stay old-school forever.

Aradune, if you have forgotten, is a reference and tribute to the design sensibilities of the departed Brad McQuaid, known by his character’s name of Aradune and also known for his work on Vanguard and Pantheon. Both servers feature similar rules, but Aradune (the server) is also restricting multiboxing for players. Check out all of the launch details and the exact rollout on the official site.

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