Neverwinter confirms delays to its 2020 content roadmap, work on a new class, and more in a livestream


This past Monday, Cryptic Studios went live with a number of updates to Neverwinter that will be mighty interesting to players of the MMORPG.

First off, due to the upending of the novel coronavirus, Cryptic Studios confirmed that the content roadmap that was released this past February is going to need some adjustment. Overall, things will likely be pushed back anywhere from three weeks to a month, with the Rage of Bel content update expected to enter open beta at some time this week and the Zariel Trial expected to enter open beta in mid-May.

The stream also confirmed that the team is working on a new class for Neverwinter, has no plans for any cross-platform play for this generation of consoles (which could mean that the game is headed to next-gen, maybe), and that development on a PvP mode with set heroes of the Sword Coast is being worked on. The livestream also talked about opening up more playstyles, with more support and healing choices arriving in Module 19 and the promise of “more diversity in play” with the arrival of Module 20.

Another livestream is scheduled to go live in about two weeks, but you can either catch the full video from Twitch below or check out a synopsis from YouTuber Nova just below that.

sources: Twitch, YouTube via Reddit

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