Starborne talks up its new map and new win conditions ahead of open beta


With days until its open beta, Starborne is ramping up to let people know about its form of online MMORTS gameplay. The latest eager flapping of arms at you comes by way of a new behind-the-scenes video with folks from developer Solid Clouds discussing the game’s updated map and going in depth on its new win conditions.

The first win condition is good ol’ fashioned military conquest, which will primarily take place in the center of the map with victory points for players to capture and fight over. This specific area will be locked for the first six weeks of each 10-week round to allow players to build up and amass their forces, while the victory points themselves will be heavily guarded and there’s a black hole in the center of the map that imposes a movement penalty for ships near the center.

The second win condition revolves around industry, with its penultimate goal being the creation of a Dyson sphere. Players interested in this type of victory will need to control four of the seven relics dotted around the map, then hoover up as many resources as possible to build and upgrade the Dyson sphere.

Finally, the domain win condition will focus on players expanding their personal territory to the largest size possible. The devs believe this victory to be the simplest but the one with the most depth; borders aren’t clearly delineated, which means players will need to identify their borders to other players and defend them if necessary, and growing too large too fast could paint a target on a player’s back.

If all of this sounds like your cup of RTS tea, then you can join the open beta yourself on April 2nd, or you can watch the video below to know if any of this stuff intrigues you.

source: YouTube

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Been playing for a few weeks up until they shut the servers down for tomorrow’s open beta launch. The game ticks a lot of boxes in gameplay, but it is a slow burn to play once you get up in levels. The kind of game you can watch a movie while playing because of the speed to the game. I will be restarting tomorrow… :)