Bloodlines of Prima is a free-to-play PvP/PvE open world hero shooter MMORPG


OK, I confess that the headline for this one sounds like Bloodlines of Prima tossed all of the MMO sub-genres into a blender, whirred it up, and maybe added some protein powder for the gains. However, developer/publisher Amazastrophic appears to have a balance of elements to make things less chaotic than the headline makes it seem.

Bloodlines of Prima lets players either capture PvP points or take on threats around the game’s world, with either activity rewarding premium currency. Heroes in the game are customizable, with hundreds of abilities to choose from and a variety of equipment to find within treasure vaults scattered around the land. Players can also transmute unwanted items together so no items will go to waste.

Bloodlines of Prima originally started life as a buy-to-play title but elected to go free-to-play in February in an effort to fill out the game’s multiplayer world. “The servers are designed for 400+ players online at once. In order to really fill out the server it was a necessary change,” explains the announcement.

As of March 19th, Bloodlines of Prima officially left early access and released its 1.0 update with new objectives, maps, guild features, leaderboards, a loadout function, and other adjustments.

source: Steam, thanks to George for the tip!

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Looking at the game’s graphics, I think this might actually be the best looking game of the year.

As long as that year is 1998.


needs a lot of work, but it DOES seem to be the start of a real MMOFPS.
if you get attacked and don’t want to PVP, head for the NE corner of the starter area, and run into the portal.

Bruno Brito

Gives me some Neocron vibes, i don’t know why.

Dug From The Earth

Kinda feel like the gaming community shouldnt be accepting of this kinda thing.

It only encourages it more, and sets the standards super low.

Thats not how I want my games.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

“Hot garbage” according to Steam reviews.


Bruno Brito

We are kindred spirits.


Hero shooter… So do you shoot at heroes or do you like shoot heroes… As ammo… Like out of a cannon? I might be down for that.


I bet Statesman would make a good bullet, what with that big ole helmet head.

Grim? Darhk

sounds like trash.