Starborne dev announces new sci-fi MMORPG called Starborne Frontiers


MMO players know Starborne: Sovereign Space as a space MMORTS, but if you wanted something more MMORPG-like, then I have good news for you, as Iceland-based indie dev Solid Clouds just announced a new game in the same universe that fits the pure MMORPG category. It’s called Starborne: Frontiers, and the studio bills it as a “radical expansion” into its established space world.

“In Frontiers, players will have to navigate a web of complex alliances and conflicts among the stars, giving them the opportunity to explore a dazzling, expansive universe in ways that may surprise and delight. […] Frontiers will be a departure from Sovereign Space’s real-time empire-building format, instead challenging players in completely different ways as they voyage across the edge of civilized space. As their renown grows they will be able to build personal bases, discover the galaxy’s secrets, and even team up with their fellow commanders to take on its greatest dangers through both PvP and PvE elements. Along the way they may encounter over a dozen factions with their own unique histories and philosophies who might help or hinder players as they strive to claim their place as the strongest force in the frontier.”

If you’re thinking that Iceland and sci-fi MMOs seem to go hand-in-hand, then score one for you, as one of the founders of Solid Clouds is Sigurdur Arnljotsson, whom you might recall as a CCP Games co-founder and early CEO of the EVE Online company. And we should point out that the original Starborne is much-loved around here, so there’s reason to hope this one will be as good or better.

We don’t have a launch window for the new game just yet, but we’ve got a teaser trailer:

Source: Press release, official site
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