Solid Clouds’ upcoming Starborne Frontiers downgrades from MMORPG to ‘squad RPG’


Last summer, Starborne: Sovereign Space developer Solid Clouds announced plans for a new MMORPG in the Starborne universe called Starborne: Frontiers, promising in its original press release that we and other sites shared that the game would be “a persistent MMORPG.”

Apparently, the devs have changed the scale of Starborne: Frontiers, now calling the game in its latest announcement a “squad RPG” and clipping out the MMORPG portion from its original presser. Frontiers will now let players team up to take on a 10 chapter-long campaign or take on other squads in PvP, all with familiar factions from the Starborne universe. The game is expected to hit mobile devices and PC in mid-2022.

Meanwhile, the still-running Starborne MMORTS has kicked off a new server that features 24 victory points, 6 starting sectors, and 460 possible starting positions, all spread out across a 350 hex radius map. Just in case you still prefer your Starborne to be larger scale than a squad.

sources: press release, Twitter
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