Mortal Online 2 promises fixes for long queues, hopes to someday rival EVE Online


Mortal Online 2 hasn’t had the most auspicious of launches this last week, and all you need to do to know this is peek into the game’s Discord to see a rowdy chorus of malcontents justifiably stewing over queues and errors and queues and refunds and even more queues. Nevertheless, developer Star Vault issued a press release this morning cheering the fact that it’s sold 110,000 copies and rolled into Steam top 10 over the weekend. The studio reiterates that the release was much larger than the fall stress test led it to anticipate, hence all the server difficulties and the hiring of additional staff to help.

“After a much bigger release than last year’s stress tests projected, Star Vault has given free game time to Mortal Online 2 players by suspending monthly subscriptions as they address recent server issues. Bolstered by the expertise of a third party group of networking consultants, new hires and with devs working round the clock, long term fixes for issues players have been experiencing on login and when traveling to Myrland will be implemented in a few short days.”

Star Vault’s ambitions don’t stop and end with 110K boxes sold, apparently; Star Vault CEO Henrik Nyström says he’d like to ramp up to 300K monthly players to top no less than EVE Online. As of press time, the game’s peak on Steam clocked in at 9618 concurrent. Let’s just get those queues sorted first, eh?

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