Mortal Online 2 will launch early access October 26 – apparently with a sub


Yesterday, Mortal Online 2 developer Starvault announced in its Discord that it’s planning a final stress test for the beginning of September with an early access slated to launch October 26th.

But what has everyone on Reddit and the Discord buzzing is the revelation that the early access will be accompanied by a mandatory subscription, although of course the Reddit is more in the “oh hell no” camp while the Discord has a more “well at least if persistence is in by launch it’ll be worth it, plus we get the first month free with our purchase” type of tone.

Readers will recall that Mortal Online 2 was first announced back in 2019 as the sequel to 2010’s Mortal Online. Early access was originally scheduled for 2020 but missed the mark, with a promise that MO1’s lifetime-subbers would be transferred over to the new game. It ran a heavily attended beta stress test earlier this year.

Source: Discord

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Tom De Laet

I don’t get why people we’re/are surprised. This has literally been communicated from day 1 that once EA started it would be a persistent world with a subscription.

Sims Smith

Nobody likes subscription but this is a full loot pvp/kingdom building game so balance and fairness is very important.

Subscription is the best way to beat bots, p2w and other stuff that is plaguing every MMO in the market. They are not planning to unseat wow or FF so it will have a niche audience but enough to keep the game going for many years just like MO1.


Well in Mortal Online 1 too f2p was mostly a trial as it capped the skills kind of low

Dankey Kang

mandatory subscription

Set phasers to DoA

Vanquesse V

honestly, I’m not sure about that. Mortal Online 1 ran for a long time as a very niche game, and it’s not like FFA PVP full loot games are everybody’s cup of tea anyway.
Once hype dies down they can always run free trial events or add a limited f2p mode.

Dankey Kang

Mandatory Subscriptions are a relic of last decade. Except maybe FFXIV, no MMO can justify charging their customers the price of a full game each month.

There might be a few hundred, or maybe a couple thousand players at best who will put up with it, but no one else will give it the time of day.


So you’d rather have other horrible ‘micro’-transaction systems ruining a game?

A subscription fee maintains a level playing field for players, and provides a clear monthly revenue expectation for developers, whom then also do not have to worry about assigning half their dev team to monetization systems and cash shop items.

I’d take a mandatory subscription any day if it means I don’t have to worry about which patch adds another new player-milking ‘feature’.

As for the ‘dead-on-arrival’ comments: I cannot claim to know what the situation for MO2 will be. I do know that MO1 lasted a decade simply owning a niche corner of the market (a task made easier when the various Darkfall games got mismanaged to death). Not every game needs to aim for the same audience.


I will have to agree with the DoA thing. I don’t see how someone think it’s healty for a niche game like this to be locked behind a subscription when there is almost nothing exciting to offer. I don’t see how this game will make a splash in any way, shape or form.

My top 3 worst mmo’s I have ever tried list is as follows:

1. Earthrise
2. Otherland
3. Mortal Online.

When I tried it few years ago, the game was completely dead. I only met one person for the hours I’ve put in, the game felt incredibly janky and just terrible to play. Well, it was at least playable to some extent, unlike the other two in my top 3 list but to pay subscription for something this bad? Big oof…

Dankey Kang

When I tried it few years ago, the game was completely dead. I only met one person for the hours I’ve put in

That’s the curse of the sub MMO, and its 5x worse for PvP ones. I’m about 99% certain this one will end up the same way in less than a year.