Mortal Online 2 begins its closed combat alpha

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

Will second time be the charm for Mortal Online? As we noted last year, Swedish Studio Star Vault is deep into development on a sequel for the hardcore PvP title, and now it’s time to put it to the test.

Today marks the start of Mortal Online 2’s closed combat alpha. According to the official site, “This alpha is focused on combat and combat only. Players will join on a single server at specific times to test different combat scenarios. This will be very different from the final game and more like a regular multiplayer death match […] The combat has changed a bit from Mortal Online 1 and we really need feedback from the community on these changes and the general feel of the new combat.”

Getting into this early preview of Mortal Online 2¬†won’t be easy; you either will have had to won a key from a giveaway or purchased a $149 donation package. We can offer you a completely free option, which is to watch the combat video below and pretend as if you’re playing at home.

Source: Official site, YouTube. Thanks Sekoras!
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