Mortal Online 2 begins its closed combat alpha

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

Will second time be the charm for Mortal Online? As we noted last year, Swedish Studio Star Vault is deep into development on a sequel for the hardcore PvP title, and now it’s time to put it to the test.

Today marks the start of Mortal Online 2’s closed combat alpha. According to the official site, “This alpha is focused on combat and combat only. Players will join on a single server at specific times to test different combat scenarios. This will be very different from the final game and more like a regular multiplayer death match […] The combat has changed a bit from Mortal Online 1 and we really need feedback from the community on these changes and the general feel of the new combat.”

Getting into this early preview of Mortal Online 2 won’t be easy; you either will have had to won a key from a giveaway or purchased a $149 donation package. We can offer you a completely free option, which is to watch the combat video below and pretend as if you’re playing at home.

Source: Official site, YouTube. Thanks Sekoras!

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“We can offer you a completely free option, which is to watch the combat video below and pretend as if you’re playing at home.”

‘Twas painful to watch though. >.<

Ian Wells

I never did get around to giving the first game a real play, but I am happy to hear it did well enough for the team behind it to warrant a sequel. Back in the days it was being developed, the team would join the would be players in the fanbase’s IRC channel and I remember them being pretty chill guys that loved hearing ideas on lore and magic systems (both of which were still in development even after launch).

Heliton B. Amorim

I wonder how many pigs you need to kill before you’re able to face a deer in the new game. 200?

Combat system was never the problem, it was actually the only good thing. The complete lack of game design knowledge was the problem, and that is harder to change.

I remember back in the days I had to choose if I was going to play Mortal Online or Darkfall, so I chose to test both.

In Darkfall, at the first minutes your character was fighting goblins, picking loots, exploring the world, killing skeletons, etc. It feels like an adventure.

In Mortal Online your new character could not run for 5 seconds before the “stamina” bar deplete, yes every new character was probably asthmatic or something. God forbid if you try to kill a wolf in your first 5 hours of gameplay. Not a chance, back killing pigs, deers and boars to level up some skills.

Not hard to know what game I chose, Darkfall was obviously a better choice.

I don’t trust Star Vault, sorry. The amount of bizarre design choices I was facing when I tried their first game is enough to me to know they have NO IDEA what the “game design” word means.

They are probably a bunch of programmers, with zero design knowledge, thinking that if they build a cool combat system the game will be amazing. It’s too hard to take a good look at the market, I guess?


It’s one thing to have to improve your skills to get better at them…it’s another to be nearly useless in everything until you’ve improved those skills. Yeah, as you described Mortal Online (which I did test way back when) went for the latter option. It makes sense for someone to not be great with a bow when they start out, or to be awkward with a sword and shield or other such weapons…but they definitely went too far in the “you suck at everything until you’ve done it enough” direction for the game to be any fun at the start.

Throw in the chance that someone who had been working on the whole pickpocket/pilfering skill could literally swipe stuff from your inventory as you were trying to put it in your stash and the only way you’d know was if your intelligence stat was high enough or you or someone else happened to see it and called a guard on them…so the slow progress toward getting any sort of equipment was even more offset by some dude in rags that nicked your stuff.

Great ideas for the races, world building (I recall there being a sort of ongoing and slowly revealed mystery regarding the cosmology of the world…I think there was some absolute brilliance going on in the world building department), immersion in zones…dull as shit to play at the start, which when combined with the natural way these open PvP worlds operate made it even more hostile to newcomers as a game than your usual FFA PvP style game…which is an achievement, really. As far as I can tell, none of those elements (nor many of the bugs) were ever really changed or fixed…and it’s been over a decade since I played it.

Maybe they’ll strike a better balance between the intensity of their game world, its immersive qualities, and it be fun to actually play at the start…but I’m definitely not buying into the beta or tests like I did with the first one. Taking a wait and see approach with this one, but not getting my hopes up.


I liked the idea of stealing from people tho, I would not remove that. The problem is just the whole balance of the features and the world, which can include a variety of things. As an example, stealing could be more risky by having more visual feedback.

I really believe they would benefit from having a full system designer that works on it.