Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings western movie monsters soon and power leveling now


Capcom’s finally given us a meaty update for  Monster Hunter Rise’s June 30th paid DLC, Sunbreak, and it seems to confirm some of the leaks we previously covered. “Western youkai” influence will apparently be seen by way American monster movies, as the new “Three Lords” seem to be based on Dracula, The Werewolf, and Frankenstein’s Monster. We don’t have a ton of new info on the wirebug skills, but we do see a new one in the trailer where the player pulls a monster towards them ala Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

Master rank is in too, but Capcom seems to have been able to keep the lid on a few other things revealed in today’s Digital Event.

As in many monster movies, you’ll start out by crossing the sea to a foreign land where something strange is happening. Naturally, there are new creatures, not just monsters, but the endemic life MOP’s Chris and I abused on stream during the MHR PC demo stream, plus new variants, like Blood Orange Bishaten (who will hopefully be less annoying than the regular version).

If you’re new to the game, don’t worry: Capcom has added new items with higher-than-average stats to help you power through old content and catch up, plus a harvesting set to help you farm mats faster, with “new quests and other content” being added until March 25th. There’s also a free trial for the game until March 17th at midnight on the west coast, plus certain regions have the game on sale now.

For all players, the June 30th release will rebalance weapon damage, grant item packs, and even Character Edit Vouchers. And Sunbreak won’t be the last update, as Capcom’s promised several more updates after Sunbreak’s release.

Source: YouTube
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