EverQuest II is kicking off its own Community Resource Council with applications launching March 18


Mom,” cries EverQuest II, “I want a community resource council!”

“You don’t need a community resource council,” replies the game’s mother, currently staring at the hand-knit version of EverQuest III without actually doing anything to continue working on it.

“But it’s not fair,” EverQuest II insists. “My older brother gets to have a community resource council! I want one too!”

Mom sighs. “All right, that’s just fair,” she mutters. “You can have a community resource council. But you have to keep it fed and take it for walks, understand? And you can’t open applications until March 18th!”

Anyway, that’s pretty much how the EQII community resource council got started. Yes, technically it hasn’t gotten started yet, but applications will be open on March 18th for people who want to be a part of the council. You can check out the mission statement and FAQ if you’re unfamiliar with how the council works, and if you think you’re a good fit, throw your hat into the ring on the 18th.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!
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