Monster Hunter Rise to get summer 2022 expansion called Sunbreak


Felt like Monster Hunter Rise was a bit light on content? We’ve gotten some cool collabs, like Street Fighter and soon Mega Man’s dog Rush on September 24th, but most of the content has felt a bit one-and-done. Well, perhaps the good stuff is waiting for us in Sunbreak, the upcoming MHR expansion Capcom is set to release summer of next year. Capcom says that the expansion will bring “an all-new storyline with more new monsters, new locales, gameplay elements, a new quest rank, and more!”

What “more” entails is anyone’s guess, though the cathedral-like ruins, red hues, and the sucking sound in the trailer might make you wonder if we’re getting a vampire dragon to battle, which vaguely vibes with a leak discussion earlier this year. In those tweets, there was a claim about western “youkai” (demonic) influence, 20-30 new monsters, five new stages, and more. We’ll see how much of that is true in the coming months.

Source: Capcom

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