Z1 Battle Royale declares the return of the king with a massive new update


Season 3 of Daybreak’s PC H1Z1 (or Z1 Battle Royale now, or Z1BR for you hip kids) is coming back in a big way. The new patch, subtitled “Return of the King,” adjusts pretty much every facet of the battle royale shooter from top to bottom.

The newly released patch notes go over all of the specifics, but the more salient details include recreated animations, restored run speed, strafe speed, and jump height to Preseason 3-era values, tuning of vehicle and gun mechanics, and even a pass over the game’s world in an effort to “make the game feel like itself again.” Season 3 will also bring Ranked Pro mode for solos, with the patch notes taking a moment to touch on the ranking system changes between Standard and Ranked Pro.

On the subject of new game modes, there will be locked increments of availability for the various alternate modes in Z1 Battle Royale in the interest of making sure more players are in the core mode. Arcade Mode will be locked for two weeks, while Ranked Pro and Combat Zone will be locked for 48 hours after the servers come back online.

There’s most definitely a lot more than just those changes above, so players will probably want to familiarize themselves with all of them if they haven’t done so already.

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