Legal proceedings between Crytek and Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium move to alternative dispute resolution


Just when we all thought the matter had seen a major roadblock in the proceedings, a new chapter in the game engine lawsuit between Crytek and Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium Games has been written.

According to new legal documents, counsel for both parties have been ordered to arrange a date for an ADR proceeding, which according to this definition is “the procedure for settling disputes without litigation, such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiation.” A date for this proceeding has not yet been set in stone, but the order in question states it should be no later than Wednesday, July 31st.

The day before this new order was filed, the case was set to head to a jury trial on Sunday, March 24th. That order was filed this past Thursday, March 7th, while the order for ADR processing was filed the following Friday, March 8th.

For those who haven’t been playing along, this is the latest in an epic that started in December of 2017, when Crytek alleged that Cloud Imperium infringed on copyright by using the CryEngine to create assets for Squadron 42. CIG filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that was mostly denied in August of last year but also saw signifcant parts of Crytek’s original arguments get thrown out.

You can get every single detail on this matter below:

source: PacerMonitor via reddit. Thanks to Quavers for the tip!
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