Monster Hunter World announces plans for PC and console version parity


Considering the wide gulf between Iceborne’s release on consoles versus PC, it was maybe easy to assume that PC players of Monster Hunter World were considered third-string. That gulf looks to be closing in April, however, as the devs have released a roadmap which will introduce updates that will bring the PC version up to date with consoles.

The roadmap offers some word of what’s coming before April, of course, including the start of the Grand Appreciation Fest event on January 24th, the arrival of Rajang to PC players on February 6th, and two times the variant monsters for console players in March. April is the biggie, though, as both console and PC versions will be getting new Arch-Tempered and Master rank versions of monsters, a festival in both Astera and Seliana, and the PC will get other updates that bring it in-line with the console version.

From there, title updates sync. May will introduce the return of a fan favorite monster according to the calendar, while June and beyond will bring more monsters and updates. You can take a look at the image below to get the full scoop.

source: Twitter

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Parity = they don’t have any expansions ahead. Hopefully, they’ll start working on new Dragon’s Dogma or next Monster Hunter (although I’m not sure if I actually need another MH game ever).


Return of a fan-favorite monster? Wonder which one it could be. Seems like there’s plenty of fan favorites.

Guessing Fatalis would be a good one since it’s an OG elder dragon. Or if it’s a non-elder then probably something from the old days like Plesioth, Kut-ku, or Khezu.