Bless Unleashed previews its PvE-centric Sentinels Union

Oh, hi.

Previously, we all got a look at the Union system and the crafting-minded Artisans’ Society in Bless Unleashed. Now, we’ve got a look at the Sentinels, the PvE Union dedicated to the protection of the land of Lumios.

“This daring group of adventurers and defenders of the land offers special training to those who seek to protect the world from the various dangers lurking in Lumios.”

Like other Unions, players will have to prove themselves to the Sentinels, but once they do they can learn skills to increase their defense, learn skills that can increase or decrease their aggro to targets, and even learn an ability that can revive defeated allies in an area at the cost of some of your character’s vitality.

Advancing in the ranks of the Sentinels means clearing PvE tasks like taking out targets in dungeons or lairs, so if you were keen to go into those locations anyway for some shinies, you may as well cast your lot with this Union.


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