Community-led Infantry Online, SOE’s 25-year-old shooter, marches its way onto Steam


It’s quite likely that we have several veterans of Infantry Online in our Massively OP audience. After all, this was a Sony Online Entertainment game from back in the EverQuest glory days (around 1999) that developed a loyal cult following. Infantry lasted until 2012, after which it was revived as the Free Infantry rogue server by the community. In fact, readers might remember that in 2020, the players requested a license agreement with Daybreak akin to the one allowing the operation of EverQuest’s fan-led Project 1999.

We’re assuming they got it as Free Infantry is more accessible than ever thanks to its debut on Steam. “The world’s first massive multiplayer online isometric shooter” is now available through the platform for free.

The Steam launch last week drew many long-time fans of the game out of the woodwork to gush about the greatness of Infantry. One reviewer said, “[It’s] one of the greatest games to ever exist. Kind of a steep learning curve, but feels rewarding to learn how to play. Great small community of people who have kept this game alive over the years.”

Source: Steam
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