Tarisland answers more questions about PvP, monetization, economy, and cross-platform progression


Tarisland is continuing its multi-day lineup of answers to Discord member questions, as days two and three have brought another couple of rounds of insight specifically about PvP, economic matters, and play between PC and mobile, among other things.

  • While PvP is mostly contained to a 3v3 arena, there are plans for “big-scale PvP actions in the wilderness” as well as a server vs. server PvP mode.
  • Speaking of the arena, it will now have normalized stats and disengage the attribute benefits of gems, gear, and inscribed stones; in its place will be passives from class talents and PvP-specific benefits from a Warlike Talents tree.
  • “PvE equipment may have some impact on the battleground, but it pales in comparison to the PvP attribute bonuses provided by PvP Military Ranks and Warlike Talents.”
  • Tencent believes that its anonymous auction house will “minimize the impact and interference of gold farmer and bots.” Additionally, person-to-person trading is not allowed; all trades must be done through the market, while minimum and maximum prices will be set by the game and not by players.
  • Monetization will be offered in monthly pass, battle pass, and “appearance” subscriptions, all of which will provide cosmetics and “a small number of privileges and resource supplements that do not affect game balance.”
  • Cross-platform progression between PC and mobile is confirmed.
source: Discord (1, 2)
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