Neverwinter runs down Adventures in Wildspace’s upcoming battle pass and its ‘spill-over XP’ feature


Since 2021, Neverwinter has been trying to do new things with the battle pass model, and now it’s looking to try out a new layer to the whole system when the Adventures in Wildspace module releases, as the upcoming Sidereal Voyages battle pass will introduce a “spill-over XP” mechanic that adds the potential for more rewards.

This new battle pass will have an XP cap of 4,000 for every milestone like usual, but players who continue to earn battle pass XP even when that cap is hit will earn repeatable rewards for every 1,000 XP that’s earned after that point. The earning of spill-over XP ends when a new milestone begins, but players will be able to keep hitting that treadmill if they so choose.

As for those rewards, the bonus items in question for earning extra XP are chests full of items that differ depending on whether players follow the free track or paid premium track. The post outlines all of the other battle pass rewards for both tiers as well. The whole thing will be available starting on April 23rd, while its final milestone ends on August 6th.

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