Sea of Thieves previews April updates, elaborates on PS5 server woes, and confirms the return of six ship servers


The new and the next are once more available to Sea of Thieves fans in moving pictures form, as the sandbox’s latest news digest video provides a look at what’s coming for the final parts of April, discusses the pre-order beta woes on PS5, and grants a look ahead at updates coming later this spring.

The video begins with a brief rundown of features coming to Season 12 on April 30th, which will include a new throwing knives weapon, the ability to summon skeletons to fight for players, and a new way to board hostile ships via tightrope walking. More information on all that Season 12 will offer is promised in a dedicated video later, but in the meantime, April 25th will see Rare add a new content update that mostly focuses on bug fixes and introduces new cosmetics for ships, characters, and weapons.

The digest then goes on to another segment with production director Drew Stevens, who opens with more details on what caused the PS5 beta to bellyflop. He explains that not all of the game’s regional servers were accessible for PS5 players, meaning the ones left remaining immediately maxed out. Despite the issues, Stevens accentuated the positive, stating Rare’s renewed confidence in the PS5 release and calling the bug find and squash “a great catch.”

Finally, Stevens closes out his update with confirmation that the return of six ships and 18 players per server has fully released to the live game, along with information about those multiple fixes for some long-standing bugs that are coming in the game’s next update.

source: YouTube
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