Sea of Thieves Season Seven is bringing captaincy progression and ship customization features

Generally speaking, when you're crewing up in Sea of Thieves, one player is the captain of the venture on a purely de facto basis....
horse wings

Atlas adds the new animal-hauling Pegasus ship with its latest patch

Y'all seen the Pegasus? No, not a horse with wings, you silly banana, you. We meant the new Pegasus ship in Atlas, which is custom-tailored...

Worlds Adrift adds ship pulses and ship part rotations with its newest patch

Your ships in Worlds Adrift are getting better with the latest patch. Now you can rotate ship parts to afford a wider range of...

Cloud Pirates explains how best to play the Heavy Reinforced Galleon

If your goal in Cloud Pirates is to pilot the most specialized ship possible, you probably aren't going to enjoy the Heavy Reinforced Galleon....
It's a boat, I suppose, I don't know if it's actually any different.

World of Warships ships out a new batch of British boats

The British are coming! Their ships are, at least, in World of Warships. The game's most recent update adds in ten British warships, ranging...

MMO Mechanics: No Man’s Sky is mechanically genius (an ode to procedural generation)

No Man's Sky has been on my hotly anticipated list for so long, and you might remember that it has had particular mention in a...

Naval warfare is coming to Black Desert in Q4 2016

Yesterday we noted that Black Desert is currently introducing naval warfare in the MMO's Korean version. Today, we have confirmation that these sea battles will...

Black Desert: Siege warfare and value packs in the west, naval battles in the east

The PvP game in Black Desert has ramped up with the formal addition of conquest and node warfare. As if you needed an excuse to...
These are always the voyages.

Here are the stats on Star Trek Online’s Kelvin timeline ships

The Kelvin lockbox coming to Star Trek Online will allow players to bring over the ships of an alternate timeline into present conflicts. But...
I want to go back (go back)

Star Trek Online shows off its 23rd century ship stats

When Star Trek Online launches Agents of Yesterday, players will be able to fly around in the ships of the line from the mid-23rd...
Go bold.

Star Trek Online details the benefits of the anniversary Krenim Science Vessel

The sixth anniversary of Star Trek Online is nearly upon players, complete with all of the requisite celebration events. That means plenty of little...
ho ho no

Star Trek Online shows off its winter event rewards

In Star Trek: First Contact, Captain Jean-Luc Picard outright states that human beings in the Federation are no longer motivated by the acquisition of...
Dinosaur tech.

Star Trek Online previews the community-designed Jupiter carrier

The first community-designed starship is coming to Star Trek Online with the Jupiter-class carrier. While it's got sleek lines, the Jupiter's biggest selling point...
In the mirror universe, they have charities to encourage bullying, or something.

Star Trek Online offers ships and shuttles for charity

It's kind of nice to get something in exchange for donating to charity. Admittedly there's always the question of how much money goes to...
Like this, but with slightly better lines, hopefully.

Star Trek Online is giving players the chance to design a ship

The look of ships in Star Trek Online is a big deal; you spend a lot of time flying about in the ships, after...

Worlds Adrift team shows off gliders, cameras, and more

Bossa Studios has published a new Worlds Adrift video focused on some additional gameplay features cooked up during a recent jam session. The new stuff...
You can also play a spaceship.

Star Trek Online shows off upcoming Tier 6 Battlecruisers

You can upgrade older ships in Star Trek Online, but your upgraded Tier 5 Battlecruiser just isn't the same as a Tier 6 version...
Bugs are but a dream.

Star Trek Online is rolling out new Tier 6 Veteran ships

Lifetime and veteran subscribers for Star Trek Online have long had access to a special ship that shows off their elite status. Unfortunately, the...
Yes, it's really weird to talk about Warlords in the context of a success, for me as much as you.

Everything you need to know about being on a boat in World of Warcraft’s next patch

The next major patch for World of Warcraft is pitting players against what remains of the Iron Horde in the Tanaan Jungle, but unfortunately...
You have to do something, you know.

Star Trek Online explains the big shift in event currencies

Star Trek Online is doing something new with its summer event this year by shifting currencies in a big way. This has caused a...