Everything you need to know about being on a boat in World of Warcraft’s next patch

Yes, it's really weird to talk about Warlords in the context of a success, for me as much as you.

The next major patch for World of Warcraft is pitting players against what remains of the Iron Horde in the Tanaan Jungle, but unfortunately for players, the land route is blocked off. So what can you do? Why, you can take to the sea! But to do that, you might as well build an entirely new shipyard at your garrison, and the latest preview on the official site is dedicated to exploring everything that the shipyard brings to the party.

Instead of demanding garrison resources, ships and naval missions require oil, which not coincidentally can be retrieved from the Iron Horde in the Tanaan Jungle. A variety of ships and equipment are available for players to send on missions, along with the option to crew ships with specific races for mission benefits. Take a look at the full preview for an overview of all the naval opportunities available in the game’s next major patch.

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