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Bears &c

ARK: Survival Evolved shows off the visuals and abilities of its dinosaur TLC pass

The animal denizens of ARK: Survival Evolved could use some improvements of all sorts, and that's why dinosaurs and mammals alike are being considered...
March out of the light.

Final Fantasy XIV plans patch 4.2 for late January, with glamour storage, more housing, and new content

The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV will arrive in late January according to the most recent live letter from producer/director Naoki Yoshida. Of...

Dauntless offers a video preview of its next major patch

The next big update for Dauntless is going live this month, and there's a lot of stuff in it. A new weapon, two new...

Gigantic updates players on the state of promised features and launch

The good news for fans of Gigantic is that the game is getting very close to its launch state. The bad news is that...
Punch punch punch and nothing changes.

World of Warcraft previews the Broken Shore experience for patch 7.2

The Broken Shore in World of Warcraft is no one's idea of a vacation hangout. For one thing, it's covered in demons; for another,...
Wax on, wax off. Forever.

Shroud of the Avatar details further polish coming to the Ardoris scene

Cicadas. The scent of cherry blossoms. A soft "thunk" from bamboo pipes and the swishing noise of water. Soft words broken by shouts of...
Well, I guess it's cool.

Here are the mounts coming in Riders of Icarus’ next update

Riders of Icarus is a game that's all about riding things. Really, it's right there in the title; it's not called "Walkers of Icarus"...
And nobody knows you're getting it right.

Final Fantasy XIV previews apartments and its side stories for 3.4

The housing system in Final Fantasy XIV is appreciably robust... if you can actually get a house. Otherwise, it's somewhat lacking. Luckily, the upcoming...
nin nin

Check out the Ninja Awakening for the Korean version of Black Desert Online

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to issue a wake-up call to Ninjas very soon. It's the next class to get...
Everybody having a very good time

TERA previews its July update, Aces Wild

The next big update for TERA is arriving in July, which isn't far in the distance, but it's not something that's happening tomorrow. Still,...
cut cut cut

Final Fantasy XIV reveals its E3 plans

Are you already tired of Final Fantasy XIV's most recent patch? If so, well, what the heck do you want? You got a whole...
What is even happening now

Final Fantasy XIV’s live letter reveals more about patch 3.3

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV is arriving on June 7th, and just like other patches, it's bringing quite a lot of...
These fields may not be forever.

Shroud of the Avatar raised another $67K in last week’s telethon

Did you tune in during the last Shroud of the Avatar telethon? If not, you missed singing, dancing, and the live footage of a...
What is even happening now

Final Fantasy XIV previews patch 3.3 via live producer’s letter

The next Final Fantasy XIV patch doesn't have a release date yet, but it does have a fair amount of its content already revealed...
Oh, here we go.

ArcheAge producer’s letter announces its next major patch and system changes

It may be hard to believe, but ArcheAge has just about reached global parity. The North American and European versions run by Trion Worlds...
I said - what's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!

WildStar posts a fan-made preview video for the Arcterra patch

Are you eager to start exploring WildStar's next major patch? You have to keep waiting a little bit longer. You can, however, take advantage...
At last, good stuff.

EverQuest II plans big spring update, EU server merges

Development on EverQuest II has been very quiet all through January and most of February, but that's just from our perspective. A new letter...
Fashion is passion.

Final Fantasy XIV offers up a trailer for patch 3.2

Players of Final Fantasy XIV have 11 more days until patch 3.2 comes smashing onto the live game. That means more Alexander, two new...
On the plus side, good on these folks for always providing nice pretty images with every new update.

Skyforge releases Marsh of Knowledge patch notes

Skyforge is bringing you March in February. Specifically, it's bringing the March of Knowledge. The patch is called March of Knowledge, anyway, which seems...
Oh, these bugs.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming Gnath beast tribe quests

Even if you've never played Final Fantasy XIV, you can probably make a decent guess about how the Gnath work. They're little insectoid people;...