Check out the Ninja Awakening for the Korean version of Black Desert Online

nin nin

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to issue a wake-up call to Ninjas very soon. It’s the next class to get an Awakening, and the trailer shows off the Awakened weapon in all of its multi-bladed detail. Why pick just one sword when you can have six different swords to use for a variety of attacks? It’s like figuring out which fork to use when dining at a fancy restaurant.

From a mechanical standpoint, this provides the Ninja with plenty of offensive buffs to go along with the class’s stealth and countering capabilities. If you like the idea of using multiple weapons in a chained attack as payback for an attack that you vanished from before it could hit, you’ll definitely enjoy watching the trailer just below. The update goes live on June 23rd in Korea; no word yet on when it will be arriving in the US, although we know that the Ninja is coming eventually.

Source: Steparu
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