Black Desert interview covers hacking, guild houses, and awakening schedule


YouTuber PvtWiggles has a new interview with Black Desert’s Project Manager that sheds new light on some of the features coming in the Valencia update and beyond. Daum’s Balzasar says that the studio plans to “continuously improve” BDO’s quality through both content release and quality-of-life adjustments in both PvE and PvP.

Of note,

  • Valencia and fighting hackers are “prioritized first” over desync issues.
  • Guildhouses and hunting arrive in Valencia.
  • Dyes are not planned as currency, but expect a new “Reservation” system akin to buy orders in the market.
  • Daum’s “preferred scenario” is to release all available Awakening (not the Wizard, Ninja, and Kunoichi) simultaneously. Ninjas will be ported over eventually.

The interview videos are below.


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