Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming Gnath beast tribe quests

Oh, these bugs.
Even if you’ve never played Final Fantasy XIV, you can probably make a decent guess about how the Gnath work. They’re little insectoid people; obviously they all obey a hive mind. Not including that particular bit of species-wide characterization would be like not having early quests to kill innocuous rats right outside of the city limits. But what happens when a group of Gnath start breaking away from that mind? That’s the central conceit of the upcoming Gnath beast tribe quests.

As with prior beast tribe quests, players will aid and support a group of Gnath through various daily quests. These quests will also scale with level in the same way as the prior patch’s Vanu Vanu daily quests. If you like new decorations, love new mounts, or just really can’t get enough of insect people breaking free of singular hive-minds, you’ll want to take part in these quests.

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