PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds a new reputation system with patch 10.2

There's a lot of stuff that's been added in the latest patch for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. For example, there's a new coupe for players to drive...

The Daily Grind: How much does your reputation matter in a modern MMO?

One of the memes I see repeated a lot when folks are waxing nostalgic about the old days of MMOs is this idea that...
Not this.

The Daily Grind: How do people misunderstand your favorite MMOs?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a column in which I opined that younger me thought of Ultima Online as a place for hardcore...

Sea of Thieves lays out player progression and mission types

If you've been paying attention to Sea of Thieves, you may have noticed that Rare's game isn't hewing to the traditional RPG stats and...
Oh my gosh, did they try.

Cliff Bleszinski asserts that Lawbreakers is ‘fine’ on PS4 while planning to be ‘less of a dick’

So what's the key element in revitalizing the flagging player numbers for Lawbreakers? Cliff Bleszinski puts forth that part of the onus is on...

Rend’s reputation system is your shield against same-side griefers

As a faction PvP sandbox, Rend is going to attract certain types of players... and one of those types is certain to be the...
It's not Red Bull, no.

Revelation Online shows off the many paths to wings

You don't want to walk in Revelation Online; you want to fly away. (Just like a dragonfly.) Fortunately, the game gives you wings pretty...
And here, we see yet another thing thrown away for no damn reason.

World of Warcraft plans to ease up (slightly) on Legion’s reputation system in Patch 7.1

There's no question that World of Warcraft: Legion came with one heck of a reputation grind. What would an expansion be otherwise, right? But...

Albion Online walks through the mechanics of the Reputation system

The developers of Albion Online want you to murder the heck out of your fellow players, but they also want to make sure that...

Gloria Victis’ rep system lets players become nobles and outlaws

Indie sandbox Gloria Victis' alpha is humming along, this week with a redesigned rep system, rebalanced combat dynamics, and the overhauled settlement of Mereley,...

Elite Dangerous revamps its mission system

If you're coming from a normal MMO, you might want to be careful what mission you take in Elite Dangerous. Missions that are carried...
Oh, these bugs.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming Gnath beast tribe quests

Even if you've never played Final Fantasy XIV, you can probably make a decent guess about how the Gnath work. They're little insectoid people;...

Exploring ‘The Video Game Debate’: Social outcomes and online gamers

Of all the chapters in Rachel Kowert and Thorsten Quandt's book The Video Game Debate: Unravelling the Physical, Social, and Psychological Effects of Video...
Sometimes you even get some cool stuff!

SWTOR runs January events to make up for December’s problems

There were a lot of events planned for Star Wars: The Old Republic in December. Sure, they were the game's usual repeating events, but...

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a resurgence of rakghouls

Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that another upswing in rakghoul activity...

Lord of the Rings Online releases a balance patch with new roleplaying stage

The most recent patch to Lord of the Rings Online will go down in infamy for its basic lute volume nerfs. It's 12% quieter...

The Game Archaeologist: Ten facts of EverQuest life circa 1999

MMOs change. We know that, but we also tend to forget it as well. The games that we play today can often be light-years...

SWTOR’s Gree event is back through March 3

Dulfy reports that Star Wars: The Old Republic's Relics of the Gree event returns today and continues through March 3rd. The event is intended...

Destiny is adding strike matchmaking to patch 1.1.1

If you've been having a hard time finding companions to help you through your weekly heroic strikes in Destiny, then Bungie is sending patch...