Elite Dangerous revamps its mission system


If you’re coming from a normal MMO, you might want to be careful what mission you take in Elite Dangerous. Missions that are carried out can make a significant impact — both positive and negative — on various in-game factions that a player is attempting to influence.

Missions and the progression system of Elite Dangerous will be treated to a nice overhaul with the upcoming Patch 2.1: The Engineers. Frontier said that it’s tweaking the missions system to create more of a narrative and communicate to the player what his or her actions produce. Changes with the patch include a new level of positive reputation, a revamped missions board at stations, and a clearer understanding of the consequences produced by taking on these tasks.

One other little change? Message persistence: “The final key aspect for progression is the communication within the mission itself. We’re expanding the functionality of the inbox so that messages will persist, so important or interesting messages do not get lost. This allows us to highlight the different stages in the mission more effectively and so creating a richer experience with it.”

Source: Dev update
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