Neverwinter trots out a parade of famous faces for its next update

One of the big advantages of Forgotten Realms setting is that it comes pre-packaged with well-known fictional characters that have achieved some sort of special standing in fantasy geek circles. Neverwinter has been milking those names for all their worth, too, having trotted these celebrities out in previous updates.

With the upcoming Maze Engine expansion, Neverwinter is calling for a reprise of these famous faces. A new dev diary discusses which characters will come back for autographs, photo ops, and quests. Expect to see heavy-hitters like Drizzt, Bruenor Battlehammer, Linu La’neral, Regis, and Makos coming back for this epic story.

Oh, and of course Minsc and Boo will show up to delight their legion of fans. “Now, with a new demon lord and the Maze Engine threatening the Underdark, Minsc and Boo are ready to fight! ‘Pointy horns! Meet pointy sword! AND HAMSTER!'”

Source: Neverwinter
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