Rend’s reputation system is your shield against same-side griefers


As a faction PvP sandbox, Rend is going to attract certain types of players… and one of those types is certain to be the dreaded griefer. It’s bad enough when someone in another faction is a jerk to you and camps your corpse, but what about that jerk who derives pleasure from creating headaches for his own side?

The dev team is trying to prevent as much same-faction griefing as possible with the use of its reputation system. “It’s our job to come up with a system to protect the faction from the single person hellbent on destroying it,” the devs said. “Obviously this system will require an amount of iteration, which our current pre-alpha testers are helping us out tremendously.”

The core idea here is that players will need to contribute heavily to their faction through resource donation or tech research in order to gain permissions to build the base, access bank space, and craft certain types of gear. Reputation permissions can be set by the faction to activate at certain thresholds, giving each server its own chance at getting the balance just right.

Source: Rend
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