World of Warcraft plans to ease up (slightly) on Legion’s reputation system in Patch 7.1

And here, we see yet another thing thrown away for no damn reason.

There’s no question that World of Warcraft: Legion came with one heck of a reputation grind. What would an expansion be otherwise, right? But for players a little frustrated at having to climb the reputation mountain — an entire mountain range, if you account¬†for alts — Blizzard has some welcome news of changes that will come with Patch 7.1.

“Reputation will not be made account-wide, no, but we will be easing a couple of linked features with 7.1,” CM Ornyx posted. “First, Court of Stars and The Arcway will now unlock account-wide once each individual dungeon is completed once on an account.¬†Second, world quests will no longer have the ‘friendly’ reputation unlock requirement for secondary/alt characters. Once you hit 110 on an alt, you will immediately receive a quest to speak with Khadgar to receive your Flight Master’s Whistle and unlock world quests, as long as you’ve already unlocked world quests on your main.”


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