ArcheAge producer’s letter announces its next major patch and system changes

Oh, here we go.
It may be hard to believe, but ArcheAge has just about reached global parity. The North American and European versions run by Trion Worlds are just one patch behind the Korean live version now, and the newest producer’s letter reveals that players can expect patch 2.9 to land on the live servers on May 31st. That means castles, the nation system, skill balancing, the equipment encyclopedia, a new boss, and plenty of other additions as the clients are fully caught up.

There’s more coming to the game as well, including a new regional split for event times between North America and Europe so that events are more accessible for all, skill queue functionality, and a new name change system. What’s not coming at this point are further server merges, with the current plan being to offer incentives to play on lower population servers rather than merging them. If you’re looking forward to the future of ArcheAge, you should take a look at the full rundown of what’s coming around the bend.

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