Final Fantasy XIV shares pre-Dawntrail schedule, releases the benchmark on April 14


Want to make yourself a Hrothgal in Final Fantasy XIV? Want to see what you’ll look like Vipering about? (Yes, Viper is not a verb. Hush up.) You’ll have to wait until Dawntrail launches on July 2nd to really get the full experience, but when the expansion’s benchmark arrives on April 14th, you can at least get some of the fun on your desktop. And yes, with all of the graphical updates, you might really care about that benchmark!

The most recent Letter from the Producer LIVE previewed the benchmark trailer as well as a number of the graphical updates, as well as showing off an improved blacklist that will hide blacklisted characters (different from simply muting characters or even certain terms, which is also possible in 7.0). The letter also previewed the upcoming events, with the Yo-Kai Watch crossover returning on April 24th, the Second Hunt for Genesis kicking off on May 14th, and the Make it Rain campaign arriving on May 15th. There will also be 48-hour maintenance ahead of Dawntrail early access starting on June 28th, so be sure to get your preparation work done before the maintenance starts.

Source: Live letter
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