Here are the stats on Star Trek Online’s Kelvin timeline ships

These are always the voyages.
The Kelvin lockbox coming to Star Trek Online will allow players to bring over the ships of an alternate timeline into present conflicts. But what are those ships actually good for? What can they provide for veteran captains aside from the natural satisfaction of flying around in a Constitution class with sportscar stylings? You can find that out with the newly revealed stats for the ships, each of which provides players with new traits and consoles to deal with all sorts of threats.

The Vengeance-class Dreadnought Cruiser is able to open up with extraordinarily powerful broadsides against any ship caught in its side arc, befitting its stature in the second reboot film. Meanwhile, the T’laru Carrier can unleash sustained damage via mining laser, the D4x Bird of Prey lets out an explosive short-range burst of weaponry, and the Constitution-class Cruiser can eject secondary warp cores to serve as massive bombs. Check out the hard details of turn rates, shield strength, and similar information on the official preview. Although you’d best double-check your captain’s item overflow and inventory space before opening up a pack for these ships, as bugs are still affecting some players regarding inventory items when opening packs.

Source: Official Site; thanks to AP for the inventory bug tip!
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